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About Us

Asian-Pacific Society of Andrologic and Reconstructive Urologic Surgeons


Reconstructive and Andrologic surgeries contain a wide array of operations potentially known as difficult, time consuming and highly experience-related in terms of final result. Some therapeutic options among these, have been continuously revolutionized and some have been considerably changed lost their role as the gold standard of treatment with regard to the fact that a better understanding of the anatomy and physiology of organs has helped us toward innovative options. However, many of newer options have not been proved for their effectiveness and / or safety and seemingly we need to work together in a more organized style in order to expand our understanding and exchange the experiences for the sake of a better future perspective and improving health services.

Foundation of the Asian-Pacific Society of Andrologic and Reconstructive Urologic Surgeons (AP-SARUS) was approved during UAA Business meeting 2017, Hong Kong to address the above mentioned concerns and facts.


  • Introducing active centers in this field in Asia and Pacific through the countries.
  • Initial steps to acquainting young and experienced urologists with Reconstructive urology and Andrological surgeries.
  • Introducing dominant centers of Reconstructive urology and Andrological surgeries in the Asia and Pacific region in order to inform Asian Urologists.
  • Designing long-term training programs and Fellowship and educating Asian urologists in excellent centers.
  • The ultimate goal is to design a website that contains all this information, especially to creating the opportunity for all the Asian urologists, Residents and Urology fellowships to bring the information of their patients on this website, and the experts of this field will put their comments on that, so that we can improve in the process of case presentation training and daily management of patients.
  • Furthermore, Main objectives of AP-SARUS can be listed as follows:

Aims and Objectives:

  • To assemble the prominent science-producing members of Urological Association of Asia (UAA) who are expert in Reconstructive Urology and /or Andrology fields in order to facilitate their relationship and cooperation.
  • To recognize young generation of urologists interested in this field of activity and accelerate their progress via creating an international structure of knowledge exchange.
  • To collaborate with the other similar international societies in terms of direct exchange of experience, research and educational opportunities.
  • To locate and recognize the outstanding centers of excellence among UAA member nations and to organize education and research opportunities in these centers for the younger generation.
  • To evaluate whether an Asian-Pacific pattern of disease prevalence / diagnosis / treatment (regarding socio-economic, genetic, ethnic … findings) can be found based on the current data in Reconstructive Urology/andrology fields.

AP-SARUS will certainly be affiliated to UAA and will be closely associated International GURS and all related societies such as European Association of Urology GURS and GURS in different countries.

 Prof. Jalil Hosseini

 A-P SARUS President