28TH Business Meeting of the General Council of Urological Association of Asia - Asian-Pacific Society of Andrologic and Reconstructive Urologic Surgeons

28TH Business Meeting of the General Council of Urological Association of Asia

28TH Business Meeting of the General Council of Urological Association of Asia

 Report of the Affiliated UAA Sub-Specialty Society:

 Asia-Pacific Society of Reconstructive Urologist & Andrological Surgeons (AP-SARUS)

28TH Business Meeting of the General Council of Urological Association of Asia


Professor Jalil Hosseini, President, mentioned that during the last year, A-PSRUAS experienced its second year of life. However there appeared considerable achievements during this year. This society started after approval of its construction in UAA 2017 business meeting in Hong Kong.

He mentioned Reconstructive and Andrologic surgeries contain a wide array of operations potentially known as difficult, time consuming and highly experience-related in terms of final result and Based on widespread geographical distribution of UAA member countries, We decided to reach to our aim as the good level of knowledge and skill of those surgeries for all general urologists in UAA country members approach with:

1) Web Based Education

2) A-PSRUASVideo-Skype sessions


It has two benefits:

A- NO cost in inviting lecturer for organizer

B- less time consuming for the lecturers, they can sit in theatre and spend only one hour rather 3 days).


“We have started a very good relationship with Asian experts as well as the other experts from Europe and US during the last year, while some are founders and some other experts are members.

During last 2 years we spend a lot of time to create an interesting website (www.apsarus.org) for general urologists in UAA member countries (on our own budget) then we prepared All latest versions of the related guidelines, author-based list of latest papers of many known names in this field, excellent expert videos and recorded event videos, surgical methods in detail and the list and links of several scientific journals, have been uploaded and many more contents are on the way. I should express special thanks to Dr Farzin Soleimanzadeh and two assistants of us: Sameera Shariat-Panahi and Mahsa Zehisaadat. The team prepared and accomplished the website content of the website for the meeting” Professor Hosseini said.

He also mentioned that most of the last year activities had been published in UAA Newsletter. He appreciated UAA Executives. Then he talked about the two new Video-Skype Programs:

  • A-PSRUAS meeting during the Third Men’s Health Congress, Tehran - Iran (Feb. 2019)
  • A-PSRUAS meeting in conjunction with the 22nd Congress of the Iranian Urological Association (Jun, 2019)

Both of the programs contained a set of short lectures and 2 – 3 hour Video-Skype presentations by many experts from all over the world. Meanwhile to achieve a maximum availability of the event for the other colleagues, we provided a live streaming program of the whole online session (2 hours of unique video presentations) with previous announcement. In addition we have uploaded the same video for offline access on our website and it is available now on www.apsarus.org

Based on the above mentioned reasons, we decided to follow the similar structure and framework for A-PSRUAS meeting in UAA congress 2019 KL. It became possible with special supports of Dr Rohan Malek and we had a successful meeting, although some minor technical problems happened which can be considered acceptable.

We are also pleased to announce that the whole video of KL 2019 A-PSRUAS session has been recorded and is available for the audience at www.apsarus.org.

At the end He asked all UAA member countries’ Presidents for two fields: first, they may request the Skype-based video sessions for their national urology congresses; AP-SARUS will organize it by honor. Second, to introduce their National Experts in this field, so that A-PSRUAS can cooperate with them and insert their centers of excellence and experiences in the website.